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We offer:
Reconstruction and reprint of historic wallpapers, borders and blinds.
A large collection of wallpaper-, border- and blindpatterns from the 18th, 19th and 20th century.
A large and unique stock of vintage wallpapers from the 20th century.
Advice concerning historic wallpapers..

When restoring rooms where there no longer exist original fragments we offer a large collection of patterns typical for that time. Our costumers always have the possibility to change colours. We have endless time-typical coloursettings to choose from.

Handtryckta Tapeter Långholmen AB is a small familybusiness that started 1980. We have been handprinting wallpapers for castles, mansions, appartements and huts around the world for 30 years now.

From fragments or pictures we reconstruct and reprint historical wallpapers in the way they were first printed in. Our printing techniques beside all handpainted wallpapers are blockprinting, stenciling and silkscreen printing.

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